Spring Bash 16   <<<<click on link for flyer

Spring Bash & Fun In The Sun

June 1 – 2 – 3 – 2016 LOCATION: Cameron Police Jury Campground, Cameron , Louisiana

HOST: Howard & Sarah Bourque

John & Yvette Landry

Please call Sarah at 337-365-8591 if are coming

President: Marilyn Keef 1st VP: Sam McManus

2nd VP: Patty Fontenot Sect: John Landry

Tres: Nettie Simoneaux

iDIRECTIONS: From I-10 West take exit#48 South (LA 101), continue right on LA 14 through Bell City. Continue on La 14 to junction with La 27 turn left (south) to Creole then follow 27 La 28 into Cameron. Look for three story brick building on left and past this turn left to Davis Road. Continue on down to campground at end of road.

All members wanting to attend this rally will need to call the Cameron Police Jury Campground at 337-775-5718 and ask for Ashley to book one site and get the address of where to send your deposit. All you need to reserve is one site and pay the balance when you arrive.

WEDNESDAY: June 1, 2016 – Check in any time during the day.
4:00 PM – Get together for a good happy hour. Bring your Bar-B-Que pit to cook up a nice

steak or hamburger or any other meat you desire.

THURSDAY: June 2, 2016
6:00 AM – For those who like to crab, here is your chance to do this. There are several places in

and around Cameron that have great spots to crab. You need to bring your own bait and

twine, nets etc to succesfully crab. Also bring an ice chest to hold your catch of crabs. 8:00 AM – Breakfast on your own. Good idea to cook your breakfast out under the big pavillion.

Will have an electric griddle to cook up pan cakes if so desired or eggs and bacon.
4:00 PM – Its time to gather around for a good happy hour to hear about the crab excursion held

this morning. If the crabbing was not too successful, there is always The Crab Man where

you can buy as many crabs as you want.
5:00 PM – Its time to boil the crabs that we have. It is advisable that you bring your own tools to

crack the crab shells and utensils to dig out the white meat of the crab and dip fixings.

FRIDAY: June 3, 2016
8:00 AM – Breakfast as usual with the electric griddle or anything to your liking. After this you are

free to comb the beach, fish or any thing you wish to do.
4:00 PM – Its time again for our final Happy Hour and start fixing the stuff to boil the shrimp. We

will purchase the amount of shrimp that we need to boil to serve everyone. The cost will be prorated according to the number of persons attending the rally. Please pay Nettie by check

only. Being this is our last rally before Internatiional, we are asking that you turn in all of the aluminum tabs you have collected and any other knitting your wish to donate. John will be the delagate representng our Unit and will turn in all of the items collected.

SATURDAY: June 4, 2016 – A final get together to wish everyone a safe trip home. If you plan on spending anyother day or two you are welcome to do so if you pay your parking.

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Crawfish & Buddy Rally
April 21 – 22 – 23 – 24, 2016
DIRECTIONS: From I-10 take Exit #80 North to Eunice for 18 miles to stop Sign, turn left on Maple St., continue through Eunice to 4-way-sign. Continure on to LA 91 for 5 miles looking for Pay-E-Bas sign on right. Turn right to Arpen Rd for 11/2 mile then turn left at RED-WHITE & BLUE bldg. to
campground entrance.
THURDSDAY: April21,2016——————-EarlyParking
For those who will be coming in on this day, stop at the entrance of the campground to be guided to your designaed parking place. There will be
complete 3 point hoop-ups at each site.
4:00 PM – Gather together under the Pavilion for a opening HAPPY
HOUR, then put our heads together to decide what to do for supper.
FRIDAY – April 22, 2016
9:00 AM – Let us greet all who may be coming in on this day and
gather under the pavilion for some visitin. Also, if you bring some fishing tackle you may want to try your luck at the big lake here in the park.
4:00 PM – Its that time again for getting together for a nice social hour with your favorite beverage and a good Happy Hour.
6:30 PM – In keeping with our theme of Crawfish Rally, we will be serving “Boiled Crawfish” tonight. You may use the cardboard trays or your own tray if you so desire. Bring your own fixings such as Ketchup and hot sauce.
7:30 PM – For a fitting dessert we will be serving some good ole Blue Bell Ice Cream. This should go really good after all the hot critters just served.
SATURDAY: April 23, 2016
8:30 AM – Registration for Rally Fee which will be prorated accourding
to the expense of the food served, parking fee of $20 per night, and clean-up fee of $2. Please pay all fees by check only.
9:00 AM – Hearty Breakfast of Scrambled Eggs, Sausage and White Gravy A-La-Sam served with Biscuits, Milk and Coffee. Bring your own service for all meals.
10:00 AM – A short board meeting followed by the general meeting of the Louisiana Acadiana Unit. We urge everyone to attend this meeting.
11:00 AM – You are on your own to go out and enjoy the sites of the city of Eunice or for those who wish to try their luck at fishing in the big lake, now is your chance to do so.
4:00 PM – Religious Service time for all Catholics at the St. Thomas Moore Curch in Eunice at 1011 Sittig Street. All others can have their own service on site or at a church of their choice.
5:30 PM – Once again it is that time again for a gathering for our 5 o’clock HAPPY HOUR. So come on out with your favorite beverage and enjoy our last get together at this fun rally.
6:30 PM – its Cook Out Time!! We are asking everyone to gring their favorite cut of meat – Beef, Pork or Lamb – to Bar-B-Que this on your own on the big open pit at the Pavilion. We will furnish the Charcoal, starter, and cooking forks for this. We also ask if each unit would furnish some type of Salad or Dessert for this meal enough to serve at least 8 people.
If you plan on attending this Rally – PLEASE CALL the host John Landry at 337- 643-8078 or cell 337-652-1153 or email jmland@kaplantel.net by April 17th. If there is no reply leave a message.
SUNDAY: April 24, 2016
8:00 AM – Fellowship gathering for a Continental Breakfast of
Biscuits, Milk, Coffee and a bon Farewell for a safe trip home.
I hope everyone enjoyed this place La-Pay-E-Bass. This is our third time here and hope to be here again next year. If you have any complaints, please let me know and also let the Campground owners know as well.
We juset completed our 2016 Mardi Gras Rally and had only five units in atetendance. It was small but we had a great time. As pictured below are the King & Queen of the LA Acadiana Unit-namely King Sam McManus and Queen Lynne Bonin. Don’t the look like a King and Queen? Both were quite surprised but pleased to be chosen for this occasion. All members joined in the Royal Promenade and joined in on the dancing and celebration. Later on King Cake and Ice Cream was served which everyone enjoyed. Curt as usual did an outstanding job with the Seafood and the Stuffed Pork Chops and out did himself on the “Dirty Rice”- Great Job Curt. We know you slaved a long time in this preparation. Patty did a great job herself in the decoration of the tables and surrondings to geive a festive meaining of Mardi Gras.
We had a potential member visit us on Friday. Bill & Gloria Boiter from Vinton, LA. They purchased a 1982 30’ AS trailer in Texas and are in the process of cleaning, restoring and fixing it up with the intention of joining us later on. We also have a new member from Big Cane, LA – Bill and Marceline Jackson. We hope to see them soon. Our next rally the Spring Bash Rally will be held on June 1st to the 3rd at the Police Jury CG in Cameron, LA. The hosts are Howard and Sarah Bourque and this is an excellent place to feast on fresh Shrimp and Crabs. It is also a good place to fish for Speckled trout and Red Fish. Bring your heavy salt water fishing gear for this kind of fishing.

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Welcome to the Louisiana Acadiana Unit

Acadiana is a unique area of the United States in terms of preservation of the French        Acadian culture and language and is the heart of French Renaissance movement that has received worldwide acclaim.  Its’ cuisine, charm and hospitality of its’ people are her most important assets.  The Acadians play hard, work hard and are  dedicated to their religious beliefs.

For more information please contact:

Marilyn Keef, President

via email –  marilynkeef@gmail.com or cell phone – (337) 278-7040



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